"Johnny made sure our home was built as we intended. When there were questions re: our intent, he worked closely with us to get it exactly as we planned. And he insured his trades did so too. Johnny communicated carefully, frequently and effectively throughout the entire building process. When issues arose, he addressed and resolved them promptly. He was always reachable via text or phone calls. Because we lived 250 miles away during the construction process, Johnny did a lot of unexpected little things like allowing us to have things delivered to his office (e.g., light and plumbing fixtures) for safekeeping, picking up our purchases (i.e., well tanks and shower door) from local vendors and was also frequently sending pictures of progress or of things requiring our decisions. Johnny said no one will work harder for us, and much to our delight, we have found that to be true. He said there may be problems arise as the house is built, and there were a few but he got them resolved without us being stressed. During the process, he offered suggestions on how our vision could be improved (e.g., installing exterior doors with ADA thresholds) and worked with us to make them happen. The house was built on budget; we added a few low cost items but those were offset by savings in other areas. Johnny remained focused on getting the project finished in a timely manner, and it was done ahead of what we expected. Well done!"


-Phil and Linda H.

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